Field of activity

Cung cấp vật liệu

Supplying materials

All input materials have a clear origin, and their quality ranks at the forefront domestically. They are sourced from major suppliers in China and India. Input materials undergo quality checks according to ISO 9001:2015 standards before being put into use.

NAKAUMI supplies materials such as SAE 1008, S45C, and especially SUS 304... in two forms:

Steel in coil form is processed upon request with material diameters ranging from Ø5 to Ø24, meeting the H9 tolerance.

Steel in bar form is custom-cut with lengths ranging from 30mm to 6000mm, adhering to the H9 diameter tolerance. Particularly, the straightness and cut surface are closely monitored to consistently ensure the best quality.

In addition, NAKAUMI Company provides raw, unprocessed coil materials.

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